App crashing when changing frequency (iOS)

Mine just crashed after a touched down at Tashkent, not right after changing frequencies though. But I did have ATC volume turned up half way.

Game crashed while tuning in Sydney Unicom. :[

If you turn ATC volume off it should work

Turn off ATC volume to zero

This is so frustrating. I was literally entering airspace in PTY after a long flight from AMS when the app froze up and crashed after I attempted to contact Unicom. 11 hours in the air for nothing 😢

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Your stats are saved every 15 minutes, so your flight definitely wasn’t for ‘nothing’ :)

The developers know it is frustrating and are working as hard as they can on a fix. I’m sure they’ll update us when they have something new to share.

Turn off ATC volume to zero

Yeah but the landing doesn’t count since I never got a chance to land 😭

No need to say the same thing three times when it’s already been known (it’s also a banner at the top of the IFC).

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You could do one pattern and get your landing back ;)

Yes same in unicom

Is everything fine now then? There isn’t anything saying about it on the top of the home screen anymore plus I tried to see if it happened to me and everything seemed fine :)

We’re waiting for Apple to review a hotfix for this issue. The banner should still be there unless it was dismissed manually


Same problem volume 0 and still crashing.

iPad Pro
IOS 14.3

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Oh ok it’s all been fine for me thankfully hopefully it gets fixed soon

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Just happened to me in MIA with no active atc.

My game just froze then 3 minutes later crashed while tuning out of ATC

Same here, KMIA unicom. Second time in less than five minutes

Hey everyone, thank you for your patience while we worked on solving this issue. It was caused by a sudden and unexpected change to Apple’s text-to-speech library which we use for ATC commands.

A hotfix is now rolling out on the App Store. Please update to this as soon as possible to prevent crashes happening in your flight:

You are safe to turn up the ATC Volume now too. Let us know if you have any questions on the linked topic above. Thanks!