App crashing when changing frequency (iOS)

I’ve tried to start a flight at KMCO about four times. I usually get to transmit 2 ATC message before the screen freezes and eventually the app crashes. Is anyone else having this issue?

It justs stays like this and crashes


Which device?

it’s a issue a lot of people have been recieving

I’m using an Iphone 11 and my internet is pretty smooth.

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it just freezes and i’m using an iphone 11. i won’t be doing long haul until this is resolved

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Yeah I was planning on doing KMCO-KORD but I can’t even pushback before it crashes.

Happened before when I was about to land at KMCO. Not sure what happened but the game froze for about a minute then it crashed.

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Yeah that’s exactly what’s happening to me.

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It used to happen a lot but then I deleted a few replays and it was ok. So it must be to do with storage space.

Oh, did you use delete your previous flights in Replay

happened to me, i had to exit the app because it legit froze my screen. i got back onto IF then i saw it crashed. I went on the forum and saw 2 threads commenting on this issue. it’s a wide issue ppl in ifatc have to reboot atc sometimes

No is that what I should be doing?

You don’t have to delete your Replays, but you can for Storage.

I never really delete any of my Replays and I do a lot of IFATC, and do some Flights and my games never crashed except for this one time, I think the Server might of had a little issue but I’m sure it’ll get resolved!

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Ok I’ve tried clearing cache and deleting a few old replays.

Yeah, it’s definitely fine to delete your Replays I do it now and then:)!

Hey everyone, thanks for the reports of this. We’re looking into this to see why this is happening.

In the meantime, you can go to Infinite Flight Settings -> Audio and set ATC Volume to zero.

Note that you won’t hear any sounds from ATC - you can re-enable this later, but this is just a first step to see if it solves the crash. Thanks!


That seems to be doing the trick

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Happening to me too.
iPad Pro 10”
iOS 14.3

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Did it happen to you after you completed your pushback @ KMCO where I parked next to you?
I had no issues when flying overnight & contacting tower & ground was basically routine. It seems to be a pattern for those using apple devices. I am on android smartphone

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I just managed to depart with ATC volume off and no issues.

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