App crashing when about to land, May 2020

Is anyone having trouble with the App keeping crashing when about to land? Iv deleted and reinstalled the App but no joy. Iv been in 2 long flights from LHR to BKK and both times 50 feet off the run way the apps crashed! It’s so infuriating after flying for 10 hours and it’s driving me insane…

Please any ideas?


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What are your graphics and what is your device

Hey Rob,

the developers are aware with the issue and have addressed it for further investigation. The following tips may help you from the #support 19.4 FAQ.

We are aware of a slightly increased crash rate on 19.4 with iOS. The cause of this is not 19.4 directly, but a framework used together with iOS 13 that is leaking a substantial amount of memory. The less RAM your iOS device is equipped with, the greater the risk is of being affected.

Latest update regarding the crash issue:

Now more than ever, the steps quoted should be followed when attempting a longer flight as it will greatly reduce the risks of experiencing a crash.

If you are experiencing these crashes, make sure you reduce the following settings:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution: Low

Below will also in addition to what’s already been mentioned, lower the chance of experiencing any crashes:

Of course we are working hard to find a way to resolve it, but please try the steps above in the mean time.


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