App Crashing on Replay Mode

I just had a go at loading the replay and it works fine for me.

I just looked - are you sure you are on iOS 13? Beta versions of iOS are not supported by Infinite Flight.

Just to let you know, Replays were working perfectly fine before this update came out

My friends run IF and iOS 13 fine. It might be only Anshul but I doubt it.

I’m facing the same problem with my iPhone 8 Plus… However it works perfectly on my iPad Air 3… When i hit the REPLAYS from the main screen; the app directly crashes🤔… I’m running the latest version of IOS 12 not 13

IF was working smoothly for me on iOS 13 but ever since I updated, the replay mode just causes the app to crash. After getting in touch with other pilots, they don’t seem to be coming across this issue.

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Does it crash on every replay? Or certain ones?

Crashes upon every replay Chris.

For me it crashes even before the list of flights shows up

Did you upgrade or do a fresh install?

Can you

  • uninstall
  • reboot (important)
  • reinstall from the app store

I don’t know if the question is directed to me or not; but i have a pro subscription and just updated the app… it was perfectly working before the update

I’ve already done the following you’ve mentioned there Chris but the issue still persists

I uninstalled the app; restarted my phone; reinstalled it again; logged in to my subscription and the problem still there🙄

Thank you. Every little bit of info helps tu developers.


Hope to get a solution of this cause i did try all the possible solutions but without getting any benefit… I have a Pro subscription and it’s something getting on the nerves🤦‍♂️

I did the the same thing like you mentioned. The app is still crashing

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This is being worked on as we speak :)


Hey anshul I have the same problem as the app keeps crashing as soon as I go on replay mode, this started happening after the latest updat (I have a iPad Pro 12.9 inch display )


I still have the issue and I’m on the latest version of IOS12

I also have the same problem, I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again , refreshed and restarted my iPad and my software update is 12.3.1 it started happening once I downloaded the update for 19.2 fro infinite flight, please help

There is a hotfix in development to solve the issue. Hang tight and more information will be announced.