App Crashing On Landing Multiple Times

Hello, I have started playing IF again but get this very frustrating issue every time I land into an ATC controlled airport with other aircraft. Every single time I am about 3nm on approach the app crashes. This never happens at uncontrolled airports. The iPad performance does not seem to be an issue because it isn’t getting hot.

iPad mini 5
IF latest version
iPod software 14.8 (I haven’t updated to iOS15 yet)

ditto, just happened to me on final approach to CYYZ - might have to do with lowering the graphics settings or airplane count? Very frustrating to happen after a 14 hour flight…

Hey sorry to hear this i was also having this issue a few days ago and i have found a solution that works for me and may very well work for you :

  1. Before long hauls i restart my device / clear scenery cache
  2. I lower my plane count
  3. Lower the graphics

I have been doing these 3 things before every long haul and for the past few flights no crashes!

Hmm I’ll try the scenery cache since I’ve never done that before and hopefully it helps

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I really doubt not cleaning your scenery cache will cause a crash. It’s got more to do with loading scenery.

Do you have any background apps running?

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No I reboot before every flight. I’ve always used IF assistant but stopped on all my recent flights to see if that was the issue and it is not

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These developments on iPads are frustrating. I have an 8th generation Ipad and the same problem occurs. It got worse after the last update. And it looks like this problem will not be solved quickly and accurately…

This has really been happening way too much lately for a lot of people. I have had this happen more than 5 times. Just yesterday, flew into SCEL (uncontrolled and no traffic) after a 14 hour flight and it crashed just as I turned final. It always seems to happen when it’s a 3d airport, a complex plane (A330,A330neo,77W,772) and a long flight. The times where it doesn’t crash, I get a slight freeze when I turn final. This leads me to believe this is an issue with the loading in of 3D airports. The fact that this happens on final also supports that theory.

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