App crashing on iPad 6th gen

The IF app has been crashing when in a live server it dose it on take off or when filing a flight plan.
I have made all the settings back to the default and it is still doing it, I know other people have asked about this but all they steps that have been provided in those have not worked for me. Thanks in advance for the help.

That’s the last thing we should be doing, please only suggest uninstalling if it is the FINAL course of action.

@Stick_theLanding, common workarounds include lowering your graphic settings and removing any apps that may be running in the background. An iPad 6th Gen. should run IF fine, as long as you lower the settings just a tad. Restarting the app and/or your device may also fix the problem.

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Ok I will try it and get back to you if it works.

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