App Crashing on Final

Device: iPad 5th Gen
Operating system: iOS 15.5

The number of times this is happening is getting a little bit frustrating. Just 10 minutes ago I was on final approach to Toronto after an 11 hour flight from Tokyo. The funny thing is, straight after I had received my landing clearance, disengaged autopilot for landing, my app crashed (so if you were tower for CYYZ and was wondering why Air Canada 2 vanished straight after you sequenced it to number 1 for 33R, that’s the reason, I’m so sorry).

Due to the amount of times this has happened, I did the following things before the flight:

  • Allow my device to cooldown for 24 hours
  • Restart before flight
  • Cleared scenery cache
  • Set airplane count to ‘Low’
  • Set rendering resolution to ‘Medium’
  • Set rendering quality to ‘Medium’
  • Hide airplane names
  • Reduced the number of times I alter the autopilot parametres
  • Set frame rate to 30 FPS

I am now literally in complete distress as I have done all I can to prevent this situation but it keeps happening - sometimes even when I land at an airport that has bare minimal traffic. This has become a great destruction to gaming experience, which means it is getting harder and harder for me to be convinced to renew my subscription, but I hope I do not have to reach that state.

Are there any more ways which I can try to stop it from crashing?


Hi! I noticed other topics like yours. I have never had such a problem yet but they are probably investigating. I advise you to read the topics similar to yours to see if there are other ways to solve or wait for the response of someone who has solved the problem. Bye bye!

The funny thing is: I had :(

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There are tens maybe hundreds of topics about this… no one knows why it’s happening.

It’s not just you.


I’m very sorry, I hope everything will be solved.

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Restart your device mine has been doing same thing and I restart my iPad and it worked


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Anti-Aliasing? That is a big one. Turn that off.
It could also be texture quality and density, you should turn that down. Make sure everything in your graphic settings are really low.


This problem with the IOs makes us frustrated, I’ve lost count of how many final approaches were lost; simulator closes. When will this be resolved, for God’s sake.
Subscription is not low price. :-(

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Same thing happened to me and i did everything else except my graphics were on high both and i was on ipad 6th gen on flihht from karachi to toronto and just like that 14 hours wasted

This is happening to me as well, I made a topic on it but linked all the others having mass issues and they locked it saying they’re investigating, so I guess we have to wait to solve it. One thing you could also do is check your storage. If it is near full you should clear some storage out.

I have more than enough excess storage :(

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