App Crashing on Final

Device:iPad 8th Gen (2020)
Operating system:iPadOS 15.5
Hi all, I am experiencing crashes with IF on my finals lately. This has occurred twice on long haul flights. Most recent being, in the last 5 mins on short final to Paris LFPG on a B777-300ER.

I have an 8th Gen iPad running the latest software (iPadOS 15.5) all my settings are on high, as I’ve always done. And I only use the iPad to fly IF. I also have 3GB of memory left on the iPad.

If it helps, I also use 3rd party apps like ‘Infinite Passengers’, IF Operations’ and ‘IF Assistant’. I have used all apps together with IF for many years and always fly that way.

My first app crash happed on my final into KATL yesterday from FAOR on a Delta A359 aircraft. I thought it could have something to do with that aircraft, as I mostly only fly the B777-300ER and mostly long hauls.

It is frustrating to have these crashes, especially as I’ve not been able to fly as much as I used to or would like due to work constraints. I also clear my scenery cache always before a flight. And after the first crash, I have cleared the cache inflight more frequently.

Any help or tips will be much appreciated!

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Please refer to schyllberg comments below:


This is really helpful. Many thanks. I will follow up when I get home

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This used to happen to me on long haul flights, I fix it setting to low all my graphic settings and clearing the cache(on iPhone 8 holding the power button and then home button)

Same for me multiple times. Just happened on final from RDU-LHR.

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What are your graphic settings and device?

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