App Crashing on final

Hi the app seem to crash when I was on right base to runway 24 right and this is the second time this is occurred I am currently playing on iPhone The route I was doing was from Seattle to Los Angeles in a CRJ 700 Horizon Air livery.
Also I’m not too sure if I’m the first one to report on this this month or the 10,000th person

Was the airport busy and was your phone running hot?

If you considered 10 aircraft busy then I would say it was but my phone was not hot.

10 isn’t crash worthy. What steps have you tried that way I don’t repeat any?

Which iphone do you use?

I tried restarting my device and closing all open windows but that didn’t seem to work

iPhone 10R OR XR

This happened on my iPad mini 5th Generation. There were maybe 5 aircraft at the airport and on short final the app just closed/quit. I make sure to clear cache in the app settings and restart my device before every flight now and i haven’t had an issue like this since. Also keeping other apps not running in the background seems to help considerably as well. :)

OK I will do that thank you very much


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