App crashing on final - I've tried everything!?

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, issues with the app crashing on final have gotten very bad for me. My last two long haul’s have both ended right as I am on final. Here are the current measures I have been taking (as per recommendations by the community page):

  • Clear scenery cache (usually done 3-5 times throughout the long haul)
  • Set graphics to low during cruise (turned up to medium on takeoff and landing)
  • Select tail cam and point upwards during cruise (to prevent the system from trying to load in scenery)
  • restart my device (usually done once every three or four flights)
  • delete and re-download the app (done every week or so)

As you can see, I think I have exhausted the possibilities of preventing the crash to happen so I’m hoping anyone can recommend any other actions I can take to prevent this from happening (you all know how frustrating it is).

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

Device: iPad Mini 4
Operating system: iPadOS 15.5


Hi! You have already done many things. The last two things I recommend you do is check topics similar to yours to read other users’ solutions and then wait for this bug to be fixed. I am very sorry for this as I see this happening to many people causing a lot of annoyance. I hope I have helped you.

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Hey mate, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this is a app issue that is not related to your settings, because of this at the moment nothing can be done. The IF team has this on their radar so hopefully this should be fixed soon.

Have a good day.


Do you mind linking the post confirming this? I am curious as I haven’t seen any staff post about this issue

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Hi Jinco, thanks for the quick reply.

Given the volume of people experiencing issues, it seems like you currently have to ‘get lucky’ to not crash ;) I think I will trial a method where I restart, delete and redownload the app, and follow all other recommendations right before I start my long haul, then the restart and the redownload will be the ‘freshest’. I’ll update on how that went and maybe thats the way forward until they fix the issue. Do you know whether there has been any communication from the Devs that they acknowledge its an issue? Judging by the posts I’ve seen and you’ve kindly shared, it seems to be quite a current issue.

Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for the kind message! I’ll one up Tunamkol’s message in being curious about the awareness of Devs?

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I’ve brought it up numerous times. But it’s not widespread. The percentage of users experiencing this are fortunately quite low.

This is however not 100% true and should not be the first thing to say. Troubleshooting should in all cases be done first.

Reinstalling and such are generally not required. What we do recommend however is to restart your device before a long haul (not after 3-4) and don’t poke around with the graphics settings mid flight as that worsens things.

The errors we’ve seen so far is RAM related and the majority of devices affected are below 3GB of RAM.


Thanks so much for following (and clearing) up!

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Just to follow up, is there a reason this is only really happening on long hauls?

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