App crashing on final into high volume ATC controlled airports

Device: IPad 7th generation
Operating system: iPad OS 15.5

Just a little frustrated. I am trying to fly into more ATC controlled airports as I had always somewhat done my own thing and flown based on a set schedule. I was just number 3 to land into Vienna LOWW after being vectored for about a half hour after a 10.5 hour flight and the app crashed. This is not the first time this has happened, it seems that as soon as I get to 7-8 mile final in any ATC controlled airport with high traffic volume the app always crashes.

Any tips? Thanks in advance.


For starters, what are you graphics settings as well as airplane count + 3D object density set to?
These are things that have a high impact and usually having them set too high is the cause for this.

First of all, the customer support on this website is unbelievable. You guys always get back to me within five minutes, so thank you so much.

Rendering quality, 3b object density, everything is set to high. There ya go! Should I set it to low just to be safe or do you think I can get away with medium?

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I would recommend that you start by lowering 3D object density & airplane count.
Also, restart your device before any flight that may exceed 4hrs.


Thank you!!

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