App Crashing on Final Approach

So basically on my last 10 flights, all of them have ended with the app crashing on final. It seems to only happen if the flight exceeds 2 hours. Is there a reason why it crashes only on final approach?

Device: 5th Gen IPAD

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Are your graphics on “high”


This is a common occurrence recently at particularly larger airports. To be clear, this is not something wrong on your end. Laura and the devs are aware and hopefully a fix will come soon!



Hey I actually made some experiments regarding Final Approach App crashes.

I also have this issue, I crash around 8-5nm final. This always happened when my graphics settings are on HIGH. When on Medium my Sim doesn’t crash.
Yesterday I was approaching Hong-Kong on Medium and I decided to sacrifice my 9h of flight. When on the ground I set my graphics and Airplane Count to Very High and the Sim Instantly Crashed.

I think problem is located…

yes they are on high. Normally they run perfectly on high but it just randomly started crashing a few weeks ago.

Okay thank you!

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