App Crashing on ATC

Event though with last update, while controlling, as soon as I try to zoom in / zoom out to check on a plane, the app crashes.
Again, it is not a problem of graphic settings as I set everything to low plus I can use the app to fly with all graphics settings set to high without an issue with the app…
I thought the problem was over, but not.
Could you please help out?

Remember to close other tabs before flights and restart your device. If you do these things, it tends to solve the problem. (At least for me)

Actually the problem is specific to ATC, as it works perfectly fine for the flight part of the app.

Oops. I got mixed up between two support topics.

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Saw your other support topic, try basic trouble shooting steps like restarting the app, reinstalling the app, and re starting your device. What you can also do is delete any useless storage on your device like any apps or photo’s you dont want/use, hope this helps quentin.
Regards, 305…

ATC crashes when you double tap the planes from the ATC interface to zoom in on them in camera view, when the plane is not in range.


@Chief305 I did everything you mentioned, it again crashed after 2min in the tower.

It doesn’t specifically crashes under the circumstances you state @sniperguy135.
Was just making a zoom in on a specific part of the runway and pouf… App crashes… :(

EDIT: I want to mention again, I never experienced the app crashing while flying, only issue is with ATC… This is why I don’t think my phone’s specs are the source of the problem

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I think it has something to do with the map interface. Its know to give issues, and since the ATC revolves around the map interface, a lot of problems can occur unril it crashes.

It always crashes when I’m not on the map actually!
Always when I am under the “tower” tab and zomm in/out to check a gate/à plane/à runway etc.

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I think this has happened to me on several occasions as well, and it does appear to be related to the map. I say this because, if I re-launch the app and try to open up ATC again, the map/interface won’t appear. The side menu for camera, ground and tower all seem to work, but I never can get the map to appear. I have to do a full re-start of my iPad to re-gain the map/interface for ATC. (Attaching a screen shot of what it looks like after I just re-launch the app.)

I’ve also done a re-install, but the same issue has resurfaced again. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next release!
(iPad Air gen1, iOS 11.1.2, IF 17.04.1)


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Does anyone else is experiencing the same issue?

Would be great if it could be on the roadmap for the next release… I really enjoyed being ATC and was preparing for IFATC test… I think hiring new ATC for Expert Server is quite needed at the moment

I’m pretty sure this will be resolved in the next update. The Beta team have been working hard together with the developers to fix the crash issues with ATC that came with Global and it seems to be narrowed down as of recently.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Now that the December update is out, I just want check in on this issue. Is it still being worked on?

I ran into the same problem again yesterday controlling a 3 plane group flight at KBTV. I switched to the camera view and tried re-angling it and then it crashed. When I force quit and re-launched the map didn’t appear, had to do a full re-boot.

(iPad Air gen1, now iOS 11.2.1)

Still an ongoing issue on my side as well… =(

Hi folks,

Device - iPad Pro 12.9-inch Wi-Fi (iOS 11.2.6)

Attempted to use this feature, which is fantastic, yesterday after update and found it is still present. Double click a flight tag to zoom the aircraft, and the simulator simply unexpectently quits.

Has there been any update or acknowledgement of this problem since the latest update? It must be very frustrating to the pilots to have this issue as they are awaiting a response, then you just vanish on them.

How many people experience this?



I continue to have the problem as well… Apparently not a big issue for the developers… Too bad :(

That’s not an accurate description of the situation at all.
App crashes are a very big issue for the development team. But so far, a waterproof way of reproducing these crashes have yet to be found. As you know, we have a pretty large team of IFATC and these issues are constantly being monitored through that channel among others.

Looks fully operational. Thanks to the devs for the great work. :)