App crashing on Android

Good Morning,
I am using an Asus ZenPad 8.0 with 2.0 gigs of ram and I have had IF Global App crash on me twice while setting different exterior views of the aircraft. I did a hard reset and only installed the IF app back on to it and I am still having issues with it. This has only been happening since the new update was released. Has any other Android users experienced this issue and does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix it?

Set the graphic settings to low and keep the airplane count to low.

I have done both with no result.

Could you please tell me what Zenpad 8.0 you have? There’s some different versions. (Z380KL, Z380M)

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Do you have enough space?

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The Z380M…I have been using it with no issues up till now

yes its the only App installed except for the preloaded which still gives me 9.0 gigs

Alright, since you have the 2GB version you should have 16GB of storage.
So, do you have any apps running in the background?

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Is it happening only while changing camera views?

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Just the local weather app that was already installed

Yes…exterior camera views

Did you try only at a single airport?

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No…it happened while flying out of EGLL last night and KDFW as well

So, you have factory resetted your phone and it still didn’t work?
The thing that is confusing is that it ran smoothly before the update. The processor of the Z380M is not the best…
Completely delete IF and reinstall it. I know that you have done it but it can help you solving the problem.

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I am wondering if its something within the tablet itself at this point

Yeah you have done everything. A mod can shed in more light i guess.

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I will give that another try and see what happens…maybe it’s just simply time to upgrade

Thank you all for your help this morning!

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one question…should i do another hard reset first?

Restart your device and reinstall the app first. If the problem still happens then reset your whole device.
Also, what Android version are you using?