App crashing- new problem

I’ve tried to do the same flight 4 times (LIRF-MMMX) and each time the app has crashed in the middle of the flight. The most frustrating was when it crashed as I was on short final, (about 13 hours 30 minutes into the flight, with less than 3 mins to go).

Before posting this, I tried to do my research on why this was happening. So I updated the iPad software, updated the Infinite Flight app, deleted a ton of files on my iPad for fear of not enough memory, and deleted + re-installed Infinite Flight. Today on the fourth attempt at the flight, my app crashed again.

For context, earlier today I was on IF for approx 4 hours (did two flights) without ever logging off and I didn’t have problems. I closed the app and relaunched it when I did this long haul flight (which quit for the 4th time as I mentioned)

Yesterday, I did 6 consecutive flights on IF using the same plane and without ever quitting the app.

I’ve been using IF Pro for multiple years, so this is a new development that is extremely frustrating, especially as I’m paying the same amount I’ve always paid to be able to play.

So my question is- What’s going on? Any insight is appreciated. Just doesn’t seem I’ve been getting my money’s worth the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your help.



Have you checked here? Especially in the top.

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Yes, I followed those instructions.

Good :)

So what is your question? I don’t mean to sound rude or anything. Not at all. But as it’s all described there, I don’t quite get the inquiry :)

My question is…why does my app keep crashing if I’m following the instructions and paying for full membership?

As mentioned in the FAQ, even when following the steps given there is no guarantee for the app not crashing. The steps are provided to minimize the risk of it occurring.

What kind of device do you have?

Apple iPad

There are 21 different iPad models. Need some more information :)

I have the third-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro (A1983)

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Sorry Nevermind typo. It looks like I have the 6th generation iPad. A1893


Which graphics settings have you been running on? And before each longer flight, have you done what’s instructed below?

I did not restart my device before each flight as it wasn’t a necessity for the last 2 years. I will try it. I did everything else.

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