App crashing mid way through a flight

Hello! Having issues with the app. I take off fly a bit and then the sim crashes and it’s very frustrating and annoying. I’ve had it happen about 5 times now. Is there a fix or one on the way? Any solutions? Thanks everyone!



Can you please tell us your device? Depending on this, we can give you some more information.

Hello! I’m using an IPad 2 mini

From the Device Compatibility Thread:

OS : iOS 11.0
Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality : High
Anti-aliasing : On
Limit Frame Rate : On
GeekBench Scores : 1322 / 2332
Notes : Great old device that runs IF well. Shows its age especially during long haul. Is advised to lower graphics during flight.

So I’d say lower your graphics and plane count and you should be fine.

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Its been happening for a while. Me and @Suhas have had 2 long hauls end in disaster bc of it.

There’s a known issue of increased crashes with this build.

^ Read the top trending issue. It is being looked into and they will try to reduce the crashing as much as they can in future builds. It’s not something with your device - don’t worry!

Try what Alex said above as well as some things that Seb mentioned in his post.

Cheers :)

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So i’m glad i’m not the only one!

my plane count was lowered but I’ll try the graphics on a lower setting.

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I had this happen a lot too. I reinstalled app cleared cache restarted and it still happens, graphics are at min as well as number of aircraft.

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