App crashing mid-flight

Device: iPad Mini 6
Operating system: iOS 16.2

I have had this happen often enough to cause me to be more inactive. The iPad Mini 6 is still quite new and should be able to handle IF well with high graphics settings.

However, on long haul flights, without warning during cruise, the app crashes. Why does this keep happening for me?

What can I do to prevent them from ever happening again? It’s a real buzzkill preparing a whole flight plan and executing everything perfectly only for the app to decide to call it a day on its own.

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On a long haul flight you could try to lower your graphics.

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I appreciate the suggestion Aiden. Welcome to the community!

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Thank you for welcomming me! I’m glad that I’ve joined this amazing community and hope I will meet some new friends in here and be here for many many new years. And for you! Congratulations with your anniversary today! Great that you’ve been active on this community for already so long!

Hah! Is it today wow haha maybe we can celebrate with a flight.

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@Charles_B I want to celebrate it, but I don’t have pro anymore. Maybe later ;).

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bumping this up… I do need help

Lower all your graphics to medium, and if you’re still crashing then go down to low settings. Also restarting your iPad before every long haul is pretty helpful.

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