App Crashing mid flight

I was flying to EGLL in a 787-9 and the app just froze and crashed. This has happened multiple times and I’m not sure why. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks
Phone: iPhone 8
Plane: 787-9
IF version: 19.01.05


Chances are it is due to your graphics settings. Do you have limit frame rate turned on?


How much storage do you have left?

I have the frame rate limit on

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How is your graphics settings.Is it on Leudicrous,Best etc.You may have to lower your graphic settings

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Best settings I was told graphic settings best Limit frame rate off texture quality medium how long was your flight btw ?

  • Go to settings and clear out all storage like @AviationJack said above.

  • Make sure not to have any secondary apps running in the background,

  • Lower your brightness during long hauls,

  • Make sure your device does not overheat.

And like everyone else said, lower your graphics settings. These issues are really common during long hauls.


Ok. By the way my graphics was at best and I had no apps in the background.


When the app just quits in the middle of a flight it means it basically ran out of device resources. If it has only happened once it could have been a random event. If it happens more often with longer flights than you may need to play around with your graphics settings. Enabling low power mode, limit frame rate on, etc.

Also make sure you are on the latest update of IF and your iOS.


It happens to me when I’m in a 767. I’m also on an iPhone 8

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Have you tried to solve the issue with suggestions in this thread?

Check your graphics settings before you spawn and turn limit frame rate on etc.


Hey there @TheFlyingGuy1. Have you been switching to tower view mid flight? There has been cases where the app can’t render you in tower view when far from an airport, thus causing the app to crash.

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I once experienced this. When I was flying from Newark to Frankfurt. Maybe here I just want to sharing suggestions:

  • Check the remaining internal storage on your device
  • Delete application is not used
  • Before flying try to always clear cache and ram
  • Use low brightness on the screen
  • Always use low graphics when doing a long-haul flights
  • Enable low power mode and turn on the frame rate limit
  • Avoid high temperatures or heat on your device
  • By the way. You can try to put your device on the floor. So that the temperature remains stable and normal
  • Enable battery saving mode and avoid applications that run in the background

I hope this doesn’t happen again on your device :)

Ok thanks. The phone has also had issues with other stuff and Apple said the phone will be replaced under warranty. I guess this might have happened multiple times because it may be a phone problem.

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Okay, hopefully the problems that occur on your device can be overcome hehehe ;) @TheFlyingGuy1

Here’s advice to prevent your app from crashing.

1: restart device before every flight (do not do a ram reset)
2: lower brightness by 50% (I prefer 30%)
3: turn on limit frame rate after takeoff
4: turn on low power mode (everyone should know this already)
5: change tine to night, this reduced the load the screen has to put out

I’ve done plenty of flights without these issues


Ok. Thanks

There’s a chance the file is corrupt on your phone. Attempt deleting the app and redownloading it

Ok. I just did that and it doesn’t happen anymore. Thank you

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