App Crashing Issue

I know there is probably another topic about this, maybe not as recent, but Infinite Flight seems to crash every time I try to open the app. My wifi is working fine, all open apps are closed and memory is fine. Why would this be happening? I am running on the iPad Air and it work for me yesterday just fine. I can’t even get on the “fly online” tab before it crashes

I’m just wondering if this is a problem happening for just me or others too

Any ideas guys?


I have the same problem


Try restarting your device

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I already did that, nothing has changed

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What is your IOS? Usually old iOS causes that

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Below are some basic steps taken that may help resolve the issue:

  • Keep your device fresh by completely restarting device power
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing
  • Lower Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings

iPad air 2, ios 11.0

Did you even read the post?

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Anyone with this issue, please turn off WiFi and mobile data and then attempt to boot the app

ios 9.3.5 but it has been working fine since global came out. Shouldn’t see how that would make a difference if it worked for me yesterday

Same issue here, I’ve been trying different times for the past hour now.


Just tried this, now not only is it crashing but it says the servers are down.

You are technically supposed to have iOS 10.3.3 or higher

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Would updating iPad Air to iOS 11 slow down performance you think or it when it’s running?

Have you tried updating IF? I had this same issue but I just downloaded the hotifx, it works fine now.

I solved this problem by reinstalling the application. Now it’s work fine.


Are you absolutely sure you downloaded the hotfix? (It came after Global) The people who experienced this issue normallly didn’t install the hotfix so make sure you’ve tried to reinstall IF as well.

I got the hotfix & is now working.

Thanks guys!