App crashing in one specific location

Ok this one may involve more time to trouble shoot. Spawn in at a nearby airport and climb up to a high altitude like FL300 and fly over the location. I want to see if it crashes regardless of where you are in regards to it at that geographical location without the full scenery level below loading in as it would if you were on the ground.

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The app crashed when I flew over it at about FL280-290

I understand you really don’t want to reinstall the application. This may be the only way or affective way to resolve the issue being brought up if you really want to solve it. All your info will be saved and you’ll be able to log in. If you want to keep specific replays email them to yourself and open them back into the reinstalled version if that’s possible.

I’ve done that, what should I test?

Is it only taxiway Sierra or is it a small area around Sierra?

It is at Zulu-Sierra and Zulu-Lima

An hour ago you said you didn’t want to reinstall. Now your saying you have. Have you tested it after reinstalling?

No, I have not tested it; and about me not saying that: I didn’t know I could save the replays to my files by emailing them to myself.

Ok try some of the methods now that you’ve reinstalled that we’ve mentioned above.

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I’ll do that later tomorrow, I really need sleep as it is near midnight and I have an event at 9:30 tomorrow morning that lasts 5-6 hours.

I tested it out and it seems to be working fine now. I’ll flag this for closure.