App Crashing in Loading Screen

Just wanted to let you all know my app has been crashing in the loading screen, I can’t seem to get past it since yesterday. I know it can work because I managed to get in once. This is on an iPad air 2 and E175 and Q400.

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  • Try closing the app and restarting your device.

  • Once you open Infinite Flight do not back out of the app.

  • Minimize background app usage so that your device has as much RAM as possible available.

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection as well.

Once you have completed these steps please report back to us as the Infinite Flight Team has been working to optimize CPU and Bandwith.

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Because I know how busy you all are after the global release, I made sure to try all those first before clogging the forum with support issues. I’m at work now so I won’t be able to try solutions until later. Just wanted to let you know, maybe things will be better later?

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The Team updated NOTAM last night and they are still actively working on improving load times and live performance. See below:

NOTAM - 12:45am EST (Update #4) - App Loading Issue

We’ve got more instances ready and the CDN is getting primed with all the flying that’s been happening. We’re getting reports that loading times have significantly decreased, especially in very active airports (LAX, NY, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Tokyo…)

We’re going to spin more instances overnight and work all day tomorrow again to improve performance.

Again, thanks again for your patience and continued support while we work this out, it’s been a long day :)

Laura, Philippe and the team!

Check back in later once you are home;)


I have an iPhone 7plus it was ok it was just staying on loading screen but then started to do same it crashed and out to home screen… I’m aware of all notams and comments and everything and it’s ok im just waiting to all be fixed but is it the app crashing at loading a global issue too? If it is then ok no problem but if not im scared 😱! A deleted and installed again the app and does the same 😩 thanks.

Hi there @Mike_Abboud ,

To optimize your experience please review the suggestions here-

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I readed and did that before telling you all 😩

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