APP Crashing for 4th time

<For the fourth time today, October 23, 2023, the app crashes for apparent no reason. I have lost 4 flights: two while taxiing and two airborne. Is there any reason for these app malfunction?

Device:IPad Air 4th generation
Operating system:iOS v17.03

What’s your Graphic settings and the airplane count ?

There are many ways I can recommend to fix this which I’m sure will solve the issue:

  • Clear scenery cache
  • Fully uninstall and reinstall the application (if absolutely necessary)
  • Set graphics to LOW
  • Airplane count to LOW
  • Try freeing up some device storage
  • Ensure there are very limited background apps running
  • If possible try to do only short - medium haul flights to avoid completely losing a whole flight

This was token by someone

Thanks. Will do that. Will let you know. 👍🏽


Perseverance with infinite flight. In the past I’ve had similar problems your having. Probably down too the latest update, small glitches happen all the time. The advice you’ve been given try it out. Should resolve the problem 👍

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Hallo! A hotfix is being prepared that should deal with this:


The Hotfix is already released

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That was the 1st. There’s a 2nd one coming.

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I just had my 2nd crash in a row. And its always while on approach. Its really frustrating that I pay for a subscription and I cant even manage to finish a flight. Sorry if it might sound like im being petty or whatever but I yet havent had a flight after the update where the app did not crash. Do you know when can we expect this next hot fix because I really want my flights I take time to do to be completed instead of the app crashing 5 minutes before arrival. Thanks

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Sorry about that.

The information currently available is what Cameron put out a couple of hours ago and linked a few posts up. Not much have happened since but we want to get this out to all of you asap.


Okay, thanks! Hope the hot fix comes out soon. Either way thanks for the hard work in the sim. Just hope these issues can be addressed and everything will be fine then.


I think this actually doesn’t help. You should only clear scenery cache if you have a problem with scenery such as it not loading it. Clearing scenery cache between flights will delete all scenery already downloaded and will have to be downloaded back onto your device, which can slow down your device.

I had this problem before. I suggest you go to get the new iPad. Because Air 4 memory has 4GB only.

Good suggestion, but it’s not always in the budget to by an iPad for Infinite Flight.

I understand. But 4GB memory its not enough to support right now. In future IF will get more and more updates. We need to upgrade our devic too.


Very true :)

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Yeah for me too approaching Bali yesterday leveled off at 3,500 ft and I saw on the map another guy taking off . I clicked to see his fpl cuz I was curious and at the same time he sent a ATC message . At that point I heard a weird sound ( like a buzzing ) and the screen just froze and IF crashed . Last time this happened to me was a year ago and since then I always put my graphics to low and medium , aircraft count to none , anti aliasing off and always uninstall and reinstall the sim and restart my phone ( iPhone 8) before each flight . I hope the hot fix comes soon but thanks for the hard work @schyllberg

And @Cameron

I know it’s frustrating, but until these issues are fixed, there is a chance you’ll encounter crashes.
Preparations for a hotfix are underway.
Please be patient.
Please don’t tag staff members.

Thanks and sorry for tagging staff members I forgot that you weren’t allowed

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