App crashing during landing

The game works fine during the Flight then right before final landing it starts lagging then freezes and the whole app shuts down. Is it just for me or others experience this?

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how many times has this happened?

This has happened to me to :(

Can you give us some device specifics? Have you tried lowering your graphic settings and airplane count?

This is a known issue and the devs are working to fix it

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It happens to me if flight is over 13 hours crashes on final

Hey! This is a known issue, devs are working on this

Please read a bit of this post
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How long was your flight?
As far as I am aware, the developers fixed the long haul crash issue in 20.1, which I am presuming is what you have.

If not, start off with updating your infinite flight

If not, it might be a storage or graphics issue. Check you have enough storage for scenery/aircraft downloading or your graphics may be too high for your device to handle

You should:

  • Lower your graphics depending on your device
  • Change aircraft shown (dont know what it’s specifically called) to minimum
  • And make sure you have enough storage

Happy flying 😁

I have 11.4GB free space and before this 20.1 update it never crashed like this. Only after I downloaded the update

How about your graphics? if it isn’t that issue, you might wanna contact the devs.

If they fixed it incorrectly, then it’s a issue that needs to be adressed

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