App Crashing During Cruise

Hello everyone,

I was cruising on a A339 getting near my TOD just a few minutes prior with only a little more than half-an-hour in my flight for LPPR to KJFK that the app suddenly crashed. This also occurred a few days ago when I was on the same phase of the flight on an A333 from ZBBA to LGAV.

I had done all that is needed to do to prevent crashing of the game on final, including restarting, clearing cache, turning graphics low, deleting replays, etc. However, it has occurred to me that even though the crashes on final no longer exists, it has been replaced with crashes during cruise, which is usually the part of the flight that less is done…

Device: iPad 5th Gen
System: Most updated iOS

Hello @Pluto_Chan, by chance did the game crash after you changed your graphics settings, or messed around with it?

No I changed it before the flight and the restarts and all that

The only thing I did during the flight was shutting off auto low power and UI timeout before descend… and never had it ever remotely caused any problem

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