App Crashing Constantly

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I was told to do a reinstall of the app, which I did, but I’m still having the same issue where the app still crashes nearly every time I fly. I’ve tried nearly everything yet it still keeps happening and at this point I’m not sure what’s left to do.

iPad 9th Generation
IOS 15.6.1

And again it just crashed on my approach into LAX flying in from Seoul.

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Heya! One thing I did which helped was lower my ‘Player Count’ setting to low. It can be found in the online section of settings (not in the graphics section). I hope that helps!

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There is a section of the user guide that covers this topic, I find it a good place to start:

That’s originally where I started too, but after doing that and many other things I’ve read to troubleshoot, I’m still having the issue.

I haven’t done that yet so I’ll give it a try. Thanks :)

The iPad is barely over a year old, there shouldn’t be any performance issues, theoretically.

Could you list the things you have tried for trouble shooting?

So far I’ve tried:
-Enabling the auto low power mode on IF
-Clearing scenery cache every other flight
-Setting airplane count to low
-Lowering the rendering quality and resolution
-Restarting the device before each flight
-Zooming in on the seat inside the plane during a long flight
-Lowering screen brightness all the way
-Reinstalling the app

Does it still crash in short haul flights? Does your device tend to get warm before crashes?

I usually don’t do too many short hauls flights so I’m honestly not sure. But even if that were the case I don’t feel like I should be limited to only doing short flights just to prevent it from crashing. Also, I keep a fan on my iPad to make sure it doesn’t overheat so it never gets that warm.

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I agree, very weird issue indeed. You’ve done all troubleshooting methods that come to mind.

Does it lag at all before it crashes? Or is it completely out of the blue?

It’s very out of the blue and inconsistent. Sometimes it does it on the ground while I’m taxiing, on final approach, or randomly in the middle of cruise.

Do you have any backgrounds apps running?

IFOperations & IFAsisstant but I’ve been using those now for probably close to 3 years.

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Have you tried updating your device to iOS 16? Might help 🤷‍♂️

Not yet but I’ll give that a try. Currently doing a flight down to Florida so when I land (or when the app crashes) I’ll update it to see if it helps.

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Ok. Let me know if updating it works

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Doesn’t seem like updating my iPad worked either because it crashed again yesterday.

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How long has this crashing issue been a thing for you? Was it after any specific update?

I think it originally started after they added the taxiway lights. Which now that I think about it, most of the time it crashes is at night.