App Crashing Constantly

For a while now I’ve been having issues with my app crashing mid-flight and none of the troubleshooting I’ve done has worked. I’ve read through other topics from people having the same issue and even with lowering my graphic settings, restarting my device before each flight, and clearing the scenery cache it is still crashing almost every time I fly.

iPad 9th Generation
IOS 15.6.1


How much storage do you have

About 200GB unused.

Do you run any background apps while flying, and is your internet stable

My internet is usually stable and I run IF Assistant & IF operations but I’ve been doing so for a few years now and never had issues.

What are your graphics settings at?

Same for me


In most cases where one have tried next to everything, a reinstall could probably help.
It’s not optimal, but I’ve seen many cases where it helps.

Just remember to save all replays you may wish to save.

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They’re all set to medium.

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks!