App Crashing Before Launch

Hi there. My IF app has been crashing every time after I press “fly,” even when I try to fly solo

A few details about my device:

  • 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch
  • On latest update for iOS and IF
  • Medium graphics settings, anti aliasing off

I’ve already tried clearing the cache and closing background apps, is there anything else that might help me solve this problem? Thanks

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In most cases like this, a device restart solves it. Is this something you’ve tried so far?

Please don’t recommend this the first thing you do.


My bad. I’m sorry. 😅

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I had already tried re-installing in the past, and that didn’t work. I gave it a shot again, and it still doesn’t work unfortunately

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Do you have available storage on the device? (General → iPad Storage)

Yes. Almost 3/4ths of my storage is empty

Update: I tried hard restarting and the same problem is occurring

Have you tried several different types of aircraft and airports?

Even with the most basic aircraft like a 172 at municipal airports, it still crashes. This is happening regardless of aircraft

Sorry to hear that’s happening. I am sure there is something that can be done. Is there any way that you can screen record it happening?

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