App Crashing at LAX/LHR


Whenever I am on final approach to either Heathrow or Los Angeles, my app crashes. It doesn’t happen at any other 3D airport and I feel there is something behind it. If anyone can help either fix or explain the issue that would be greatly appreciated.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been encountering these issues. However, in an effort to try and pinpoint any possible causes, giving us the details of your device, graphics settings as well as airplane count could help us paint a better picture in helping you mitigate these issues in the future.

Quite often, changing some of these settings could be enough to get you going again without issue.

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Thank you for attempting to fix my issue!

Here is a SS of my settings:

I’ll assume that you have a rather new iPad, which would be powerful enough to handle multiple aircraft at airports with 3D buildings. However, lowering some of these settings to medium, maybe even low is all it takes for you to avoid game crashes altogether.

I also notice that you have your frame rate limit set to 60FPS. While there is no issue with this, one of the side effects of running your device at such a high speed is an increased temperature, which would then cause your device to thermal throttle (slow down to reduce temperature output) or even shut down completely as a form of protection.

Ah I see, my iPad is rather old actually, so I should probably lower the settings. I will change it to 30fps. Thank you!

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