App crashing and lost my rank

Hello anyone and everyone. Here’s a good one for you. First one is hopefully easier then the other, I was originally rank 2 just about 13 odd landings away from rank 3 when I took a break from infinite flight to focus on work and starting my new job which is going well. When I came back to the app I realised I couldn’t fly in the training server and was very confused. Now I’m a little disappointed due to this. Hope there’s a way to reinstate this. The second issue I’m having is the app keeps crashing shortly after loading in or shortly after take off, this has been happening since just before the A220 was released, my setting have remained the same since the 757 came out, my iPad is on the most recent IPad iOS update. This has happened once before but it was due to my old tablet being well old. My new one is only coming up to a year old or two. Both this and my demotion is very very annoying as I always look forward to playing only to last about 2-4 mins of gameplay. Any help will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing any of your suggestions, stay safe and keep the blue side up!!

Hey there,

Welcome back to Infinite Flight. A lot of things have happened, and we can’t wait to show this to you. While it is a shame that your grade has taken a tumble in recent months given the lack of activity, you’ll find that it isn’t too hard to get back on track. A simple long haul or two on the Casual Server should be all you need to get back on the Training Server, and getting some landings and flight time is all you need to get back onto the Expert Server as well.

Unfortunately, there is no way to have this reinstated, as grades are determined through a rolling period where activity is a requirement to maintain those rank, although as I’ve mentioned above, there’s no need to worry, some long hauls and landings should do the trick.

Now addressing the issue at hand with your device, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this - I’ve been driven away from Infinite Flight due to poor performance as well, though this was more than made up for when I received a new device.

In order to rectify this issue, we would appreciate it if you are able to provide further details on your device, such as the model, the OS installed, the version of Infinite Flight installed, as well as your graphics settings. Having this information available would make it much easier for us to determine the root cause of your crashes, though more often than not, a simple device reboot is all it takes.

Again, welcome back to Infinite Flight, and I hope your issues may be rectified as soon as possible.


Hoping these screenshots can help, if you need anything else let me know :) thanks in the meantime :)

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