App crashing all the time when I switched the view

Hello I need help lately I have been having issue, the issue come when I start flight I am sitting at the gate making the flight plane when finish I want to switch the viem from hub to plane view so I can watch my pushback the app just closed and then I click back on the app but it says that fail. It been two since my last flight.

I suggest you try to do the following:

  • Lowering the graphics

  • Try restarting your device

  • Try uninstalling IF then reinstalling

did you have any third party app running at that point in time?

Elaborating a bit on what @Boodz_G said.

  • Clear Scenery Cache
    By going Settings>General>Clear Scenery Cache

  • Lowering the brightness in when Infinite Flight is running

And also what device are you using?

Try restarting your device before you start a flight as it clears up RAM.

For me, if I played any heavy game like Fortnite before Infinite Flight, I notice that my Infinite Flight would either freeze often or crash. I would restart my device before starting Infinite Flight to clear up any RAM ESPECIALLY if I am doing a long haul.

Try what I do. Hope it works out!

What device do you have?