App crashing after update to the iOS15

Hey! I have experiencing some crashes after update to the new iOS15.0. I have my device since may this year and never had experienced any crash. But, after update to the new iOS, happened three times: two times during the flight and one time on the ground. I will probably have to wait to another update from apple to solve this problem

My device: iPad 8 (A2270) 32GB

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I don’t think Infinite Flight officially supports IOS 15 yet.

Mods/staff confirm?

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What does that mean? I’m running IF on iOS and iPadOS 15 and it’s running fine….

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Every application on the App Store would have to update its code (something to do with SDKs and all that) to be fully compatible with IOS 15.

Yes even without the devs updating the app, it will run fine for some but not for others.

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Am having the same crash issues since I updated to iOS 15. I regretted rushing to update. Am waiting to hear what infinite flight says about this.

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Probably a similar root cause to this post by Cam

I don’t believe IF has been updated with the iOS/iPadOS 15 SDK or whatever it’s called, so there will definitely be issues (especially with the recently released devices) until it’s been updated

I’m not a dev, so the above may be inaccurate, but that’s my understanding

Also, I notice you have a 32gb model. IF is currently taking up over 10gb on my iPad, make sure you have space left

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I used ipad mini 5, ios 15, its no problem for me for the latest ios. And has flown for 18 hours no issued :)

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As stated before - some people won’t experience issues, some will.

Hey, sorry to hear you’re experiencing more crashes. Have you noticed if these are happening at any specific points (i.e. after pressing buttons, flying in certain areas, etc)?

The only iOS 15 issue we’re tracking right now is display resolution issues on the new iPhone 13 and iPad minis, and we think it’s not likely it’s related to OS compatibility.


Hey! The first crash I was flying from OTHH to SBGL and it happened after 01h38 of the flight. The second crash I was flying from SBGL to LSZH and happened after 06h52 of the flight. The third crash happened when I was switching cameras at the airport. Except the last crash, the others happened at night, when I was sleeping. When I woke up I realized something was wrong

Yep kinda sucks when your in the final leg of a 12hr flight and the app just crashes. So annoying!

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