App crashing after update 20.1

This has happened twice today, when I started to land at solo and then when I controlled the ground ATC tower.

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Hi there, this is likely because the servers are near their capacities. Unfortunately, waiting until the initial rush from the update is over seems to be the best fix for the issue.

Please would someone help me, I can not see any other plane in the game but only on the map. I would be more than glad if someone pointed out something to me

Hey @Temwani . It is quite possible you don’t see any other aircraft, because you haven’t done the update yet. I had some planes on my frequency while I was working IFATC today that hadn’t updated their app, and I don’t believe they saw anyone. Have you done the update yet?

Go into your Settings > Live > Aiplane Count, check to the right side if it is set to “None” or not. If it is then change it to “Low”, “Medium”, “High” or “Very High”. If it isn’t set to none and you still cannot see any aircraft, I would suggest trying to restart your phone or check if you updated the game. Other than that, I can’t think of any solutions.

we all know whats going on bro

If you see something wrong flag or shoot them a PM and leave it without making it public. No further comment needs to be made. We are trying to assist a user in need. Helping out is what the forum is for.

So long story short for you, the servers are busy and this has been commonly happening, but is should be better within a few days


Move on now, people! Thank you :)

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