App crashing after trying to reconnect

Device: iPad 9th-gen
Operating system: iPad OS 16.2

As everyone has been noticing the server issues , I am too but for some reason whenever I turn my Wifi off and on again to reconnect so I can see other aircraft, after a few minutes my app will always crash I have tried it again and again to make sure.

The server issues I understand are known but the app crash is new and it is only happening to me as anyone who I am flying with has experienced nothing of sorts.

The tell tale sign of my app about to crash is that I become alone in the airport and after a few seconds the app crashes.

Clearing caches, scenery and reboots don’t seem to work.


i think it would not be ideal for u to restart your wifi by turning it off and on again in an attempt to reconnect to the server. Multiple attempts of that would overload your device and might cause a crash.

Another better and safer way is to just wait for it to automatically reconnect to the server, and if your wifi connection is working perfectly fine it should load back in just a few seconds.

If however it is unable to reconnect to the server, then i would suggest for u to just end that flight there, and go on a new flight. It is a waste but things like that happen, and as long as it is not a frequent reoccurence, you should be generally fine.

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