App crashing after hotfix

After the hotfix came out, I immediately downloaded to see if the problems were fixed. (Spoiler alert: they weren’t.) I decided to fly long haul from RJTT to KIAH the flight went fine up until I touched down at KIAH, where I was greeted with the app crashing. Seriously? After 20.1 came I expected the crashing problem to be fixed. It wasn’t. After the hotfix came I was really expecting this to be fixed. It wasn’t. There hasn’t been a single flight I’ve managed to complete after 20.1. I’m not trying to annoy the devs or anything, but I payed from IF thinking it would work.

First of all, your name is JackieChan… second of all expect bugs. 20.1 is BRAND NEW and so many people, when they encounter a bug, expect this to not be right after a massive update, itll take a couple of weeks for the devs to sort everything out

What does my username have to do with anything? I’m saying that after the hotfix that was supposed to resolve the bugs, why are they still here?

There will always be bugs with new updates that weren’t there during the beta testing so please wait the devs are working hard on fixing these bugs

its the biggest update in a LONGGGG time, just be patient.

I’m trying to be considerate and patient, but I don’t think its reasonable to have people pay for an app that isn’t working.

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after the hotfix ,the app is opening to first page ie logo with infinite flight writing then further is not opening

Time for a real answer. Sorry for the long wait.

So in terms of app crashing; you are certainly not alone! Plenty of other users experiencing this issue.

Give these two links a read:

Make sure to turn on ‘Low Power Mode’, Disable ‘Anti-Aliasing’, lower your ‘Airplane Count’ and restart your app prior to a flight.

It seems that the hotfix fixed a majority of issues but that some issues still remained present - like this one here. I’m sure the Staff and Development Team will be taking a closer look into what’s causing this as there’s still a handful of Infinite Flight users experiencing constant app crashes.

Bare with the team on this one. They are trying their hardest and working nonstop to fix these issues! Feel free to contact Infinite Flight’s Support Staff directly to discuss further options and inquire about a refund over at! Best of luck!


I put settings down to the lowest possible on solo and when I opened the sids and stars the game crashed, For any staff I am using an iPad mini 2 which is compatible with IF.

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