App Crashing after flight

I’d just like to make the team aware that the application crashed after completing about a 2-hour flight, once it crashed, it continued to do so when trying to open it again, even after a reboot of the iPad, I’ve since re-installed it and is functioning as normal.

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Three things

  1. Is your storage almost full? Have at least 1.5 GB of free space.
  2. Has this happened before?
  3. Do you know other people that this has happened to?

So you are telling us that you have solved this problem yourself? Just wondering.

Merely reporting the issue

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Make sure to turn off anti aliasing and lower your Graphic settings. Tick the box to limit frame rate to save battery option. A soft reboot before every flight is recommended. Make sure you follow all options when a crash happens.

Okey so it’s now solved, hope it was a minor problem.
Have a good day!