App crashing after 21.1 update

I love the new update and how realistic it is. However, when I open up Infinite flight on my IPad it crashes either before taking off or right before landing (lately it’s been crashing when I start to taxi.) Any suggestions, help or ideas would be appreciated.

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Have you restarted the iPad before flying?

Hello @Nuno_Silva,

The app crashing can be due to a number of things including your graphics settings being set too high for your device, limited/unavailable storage or like DCA mentioned above, you might need to fully close Infinite Flight and then power off your device then try again. Also, please see the following link from the Support FAQ which includes some helpful tips:


I’ll try that now, thank you.

Thank you. Just some more information. I have over 128 gb left of storage. For the following categories:

Rendering quality - high
3D object density - medium
Rendering resolution - high
Texture quality - high
Anti-aliasing - on
Frame rate limit 30fps

Are these settings ok or should I change any?

Again, thank you!

Those settings seem fine for most of the newer iPads. Did you have open beta and then just update to the public version by chance? You might have some corrupt files, if this is the case; backup your replays, remove Infinite Flight completely, reboot your device then reinstall Infinite Flight. You should be good to go after that.

No. I didn’t participate in open beta. I just updated to the new version when it came out. I did do a hard restart so let’s see if that helps.

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Which iPad model are we talking about here? :)

Just did a short flight from LAX to SFO and all is well! However I have an IPad 5th generation. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

You might be running a tad bit high on the graphics settings. Seems like you’re still having a pretty good experience though. But if you continue to run into issues, drop Rendering Resolution a notch. It shouldn’t have that much negative impact on quality, but it will have a pretty decent positive impact on performance :)


Thank you! Will do.

BTW, besides a fantastic simulator, you have a great community full of support staff and members all willing to help out. Wish this could apply to what’s going on around us in real life today!!!


I use the same settings (except anti-aliasing stays off )on my Air 2 and it runs great. Your device is newer, so should run even better. So try it with anti-aliasing off and see if you will get better result.

If you restart Infinite flight every-time you want to fly… it will restart the app and will hopefully work better!

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