App crashin when load the 3D in approach

I was making approach at zurich today and I was searching for the airport to has visual and proceed the approach

When I haded airport insight I saw the 3d was not have load, but ok, I was a kinda of far yet, when I came close the 3D start load so the app laged and closed automatically

My device is a Poco X3 pro, 8gb RAM/ 256gb Snapdragom 860

If youse can fix it this I will be appreciate

Is this occurring on multiple occasions or just once? Did you try clearing the scenery cache or reinstalling Infinite Flight to re-download the files?

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Deleting and reinstalling the app should be a last resort. I would first try to lower your graphics settings (rendering resolution, 3D object density, etc) if they aren’t already at low and you could also try to clear the scenery cache, although that likely isn’t the main issue here. Lowering the graphics should help in preventing this from happening often in the future


Is the second time this happened. I will reinstall the app and I hope this can be solved the problem

Yeah, I will try delet and reinstall the app. I don’t want low the graphics, the device have performance to spare. I don’t think the graphics is the problem

What are your current graphics settings at? It could very well be graphics that lags your device

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All full, it’s run at 60fps, don’t have any lag

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Wait, which one is it? Lag or no lag?

The app laged when the 3D building started load and after its crash

Just only in this case on the approach at Zurich

Full graphics can be very demanding on a device, even lowering them one setting (High → Medium) can help with app freezes/crashes

As you can see, the maximum graphics with the good performance. I don’t think it’s a device problem, it’s a thing who the developers can fix it and optimize.

I have a feeling it may be the 60fps causing your crashes. The app even warns you when going to 60fps that it may cause extreme lag and overheating, which leads to crashes. Obviously go and delete and reinstall if you want to, but running infinite flight on 60fps is extremely demanding even on the most powerful devices

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