App crashes

Hi I’ve been trying to play the game in the past few days and now every time I have like 2 or 3 hours in the air the app automatically crashes and restarts… I already clean cache, what else should I do?


Lower your airplane count and 3D object density. Clearing scenery cache doesn’t help. Only do that if you have an issue with scenery. I also recommend restarting your device before each flight.

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I did all that process and it just happened again I was 8 hrs on flight about to star descending

We need some more information:

  • which device are you using?
  • what’s the OS version?
  • which IF version in installed?

iPhone X 256 gb
iOS version 16.7.2
IF version 23.3.3

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Trying to get some more information from the logs.

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Looks like you are running all graphics settings on “High”.
That is asking too much of a device from 2017.
Better try with lower settings.

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I would always use like that, but I will try tonight with different settings

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