App crashes

I am using iPad Air2 , when I fly it’s normally good no issues…but the landing airport when activated application is crashing when final approach,it’s happened many more times…so how to fix this…I normally clear cashed and resolution also low and power save mode of course in a cold room…but after I loosened my flight time and xp and landing also….something need to this …a update required…


I struggle with this issue for many many long haul flights!!! Ever since the most recent update this issue has since been resolved. I’m using the same type of iPad , I’ve taken all the necessary steps to not have it crash including live plane count being low which I don’t like personally.
I just wanted to share it’s not only you, & I’d appreciate a solution as well!


I get annoyed with this also especially when it comes to long hours flight like KJFK-WSSS.My device is iPad mini6.And I have never meet this problem before I update my iPad to ios16 system.I hope we can tackle this issue then we all can enjoy full flights without app crash:)


It even get worse these days as app crashes during barely each flight.I just don’t understand why this problem styill doesn’t be solved?It really drives me crazy.

Hello! I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues.

I would suggest following the instructions given here, mainly lowering your settings, and see if it helps: Performance | Infinite Flight

Since you’re using an iOS Device, the issue probably has something to do with this: Regarding increased crash rate on iOS - hopefully it will be fixed asap, but you can still try the troubleshooting steps above to see if it helps.

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