App crashes

Device: iPad Pro 3th
Operating system: iOS 16.1

App crashing during final app and taxiing. Before latest update never experienced crashes when using graphics at high and airplane count on any level, but lately when using very high or switching between airplane count levels app would crash. Hope you guys can fix it🥲 I’ve lost almost 3 flights so far.

I wasn’t running any other apps on background and I also always use 60fps during taxi, take off and landing.

The iPad Pro (3rd Generation) is now 4 years old and probably can’t handle high graphics any more.

Try changing all settings to Medium and Frame Rate to 30fps and see if that improves things.

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Best place to start always:

If you’re not experiencing any improvement OR can pinpoint a specific time or event when this may have started, reinstalling the app is recommended.

Before reinstalling though, remember to back up any replays you may wish to be saving.

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Thanks! But users are reporting crashes even on those graphic settings, so I think this could be happening because of something else.

Anyways, If there’s going to be this kind of problems when launching a new update at least IF should make some kind of advice about this, so we could be aware of our devices are not going to run the new version properly.

I already did this when first experienced a crash. The app automatically started updating. Once it finished I reinstalled it, but crashes continue.

We can’t cover the performance of each device out there. There’s literally thousands.
We do what we can, with what we have available within our internal team as well as Beta testers :)

I understand, thanks for the support!

I would recommend lowering these though. The issue here is that as more and more aircraft are becoming reworked with higher details, they require more performance.

And as usual shortly after any update, there’s an uptick in usage.
We have ideas on how to improve this further on with the ongoing graphics engine rework we’re currently doing, but we’re not quite there yet :)

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