App Crashes

Device: iPhone 11
Operating system: IOS 16

SO LOL, I need you guys to help again, anytime I do either long haul, medium-haul, or short haul the app has to close by itself or end the flight and just leave the app opened. Do you guys know any tips or tricks to make it stop?

The iPhone 11 is an ageing device now at 3 years old hardware-wise and will not be able to handle the highest settings.

What graphics and airplane count settings are you using?
Do you have any apps running in the background?

I use full graphics
idk my airplane count
no apps running in the background

Yeah…no wonder you are getting crashses…

The iPhone 11 is at that point where max graphics settings are too much for it. I would turn all settings (Graphics + Airplane Count (in “Online” Settings in-app)) down to Medium - that should help.

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If the problem persisting after set the graphics to medium, go on parameters of your phone, applications, infinite flight and clear the caches.

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Try lowering everything possible to LOW during cruise, and using HIGH for landing is something that will make your game crash with a very high chance. I did some experiments and using MEDIUM for landing is a great way to have a decent aesthetic for your flight and avoid experiencing app crashes (in opposition to using HIGH for landing)

All in all:

  • Use HIGH for takeoff, it works rather well and if you crash upon departure that’s just bad luck
  • Use LOW during cruise (above 10.000ft works aswell) and screen brightness to minimum
  • Use MEDIUM during landing, that’s what works best.

As for airplane count, when flying into busy airspace, try having it to MEDIUM.

Hope this helps.


Hi mate. This is infuriating and I’ve been through it recently as well. I tried all the usual stuff - settings, graphics, clearing, plane count etc. I’ve ran the same settings for as long as I can remember so it made no sense as to why messing would make any difference. I tried anyway and it didn’t work. It’s a 2019 iPad.

It’s not ideal (a bit like someone asking you if you’ve restarted your device!) but the only thing that has stabilised it was to uninstall and reinstall the app entirely.

As I said it’s not ideal, but give it a go. You’ll have to redo all your preferences again though. See if it works for you as well.


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Crazy how it’s been 3+ years of iPhone 11’s😭


During cruise, turn airplane count to “none” and graphics all to low
But remember to put plane count on again as I forgot once and almost flew into a CRJ

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Thanks you guys for your support

Honestly these random crashes take the joy out of the app. wasting 9 hours flying to Bogata from Amsterdam only to crash on short final. Its just so ridiculous sometimes.


During cruise this won’t have much effect, reasoning is because there isn’t any aircraft in range to be loading in like there is at busy airports

thanks man for your support

I usually do this, but today the game crashed when turning airplane count from medium to very high in a non full airport. Be aware!

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