App crashes

Hello everyone the app just crahed as i was nearly approaching at klax while flying for 17hrs its so sad that i had to crash at the end but its all long the hours and xps Count have a great day everyone :)… if this is off topic im sorry i might have to delete it if needed thanks .


I was very close to lax

Sorry to hear all that effort resulted in an app crash, it happens to the best of us! I’d recommend clearing scenery cache before every flight and to restart the app/device before flights too. Both those seem to help.

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Hello. I did that all I usually restart my iPad before flying. Anyways it’s okay

Hate when that happens, it happened to me last night I think I need a new iPad lol

It is frustrating, and there’s not too much other than that, that I know of to help.

OP, what iPad do you have? What graphics settings are you running on? What is your airplane count?

It’s okay though as long the hours and xp count…


I feel your frustration, You cant make app crashes never happen again, but here are some tips to reduce them from happening again:

  • lower graphics settings to MED-LOW
  • turn off Anti Aliasing
    -Aircraft count to medium-low at busy airports such as KLAX
    -texture quality to medium-low
    -other graphics settings to lower settings than high.

Hope that helps you :)

This has happened to me a few times. I get it. It sucks. Here’s what I did to make it help, and I do this almost every flight.
-Restart iPad before starting a flight
-Close all your other apps
-Avoid flying into busy airports if possible, or turn your airplane count down

Now obviously you can’t just avoid busy airports, but I try to as much as possible, it lets you explore more of the world and prevents crashing, but like I said, turning your airplane count down can really help!

I’m using an ipad pro 12.9 all my graphics are low and the ipad has only one game which is infinite flight… I guess my ipad was over heat because flying 17hrs might have caused the crash but it’s all good.

Hello . Thanks for your tips really appreciate.

Hey Thanks for your help… klax is a very busy airport i was on casual sever.

I tracked myself on LiveFlight

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Unfortunately, large airports are known to do this. Which is well known to the devs!

-Lower Graphics
-Reduce FPS

Hello. ohh okay
yes my graphics are all low and i play on 30fps.anti-aliasing off … before the app crash happen I flew 3 times to klax from omdb to klax and twice from doha to lax … but it’s all good it happens :)… and a turn over from lax to Dubai…

Indeed just a problem with bugs and whatnot!

This has happened to me before on a flight from Auckland to Los Angeles and after that O started deleting replays, clearing scenery cache, and turning all graphics to low, and turning airplane count to low. This should usually work, though I don’t do many long hauls

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