App Crashes

Its my fav game and now all of a sudden it starts to go blank screen. This is happened yesterday and then i thought my phones RAM is jammed or something. I even cleared my phones storage to more than 30%. I thought this should solve the app crashing, but today it happened again. Whats happening really?

P.S. device spec : Galaxy A21s, android version 10, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage.

Thank you.

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What are your graphics settings at? Are you flying to busy airports?

The settings are minimal. Even the fps is at 30.
It happened in both online mode and solo mode. The airport wasn’t that busy at all

Have you tried a hard restart? Does your phone get hot at all?

Have you tried Reinstall infinite Flight?

Yup. Done that one too. Found my replays lost tbh, didn’t bother to save them.
Now, i think the problem is with the app. Have other users reported any such problem lately?

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Tried that one too. Still problem persists.
The device is ok, it doesn’t get too hot or something.
The app was working fine all these days. May be any new bug with the app?

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I sometimes get app bugs too probably for various updates @Infinite flight is why It crashes!:D

Not on Android, no.

When you say “Blank screen”, do you mean it revert back to the home page of your device or what is happening?

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The screen completely goes dark and after 2 mins or so my device restarts automatically. And note this happens every time i play for the past 2 days

Okay, this we have seen before but it’s quite rare. We used to see this on the Galaxy S10 with the Exynos chip.

Did you receive a device update or anything else recently?

I received one, but im yet to download and update my device.

Okay. Then we know it didn’t trigger it.
I would in that case update it to start with.

The unfortunate situation about this issue, is that we were never able to get to the bottom of the issue on the S10. It just “fixed” itself without us doing anything, despite trying quite hard to understand why it occurred. It’s a Samsung specific issue…

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Alright. I will update my device and will let u know here soon. Thanks

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Your RAM may be too low to run Infinite Flight properly. Recommended amount: 8 gb

What? According to?

To no one its just more stable at 8gb more then 4gb

That’s neither accurate or relevant, especially not given this issue started to occur recently for the user with this device when it’s worked perfectly before.

I updated my device, the recent update was from android 10 to android 11.
But Still issue remains. Its sad, i recently got grade 2 and was practicing daily. Help me @schyllberg pls

That’s unfortunate.
Are you able to try if this happens on Solo as well? Additionally, try lowering graphics settings for testing purposes.

The tricky part here is that it’s not the app crashing, it’s Android itself that’s crashing. When we had this issue with the S10 that was rather wide spread, we bought devices just to test but were never able to get the logs needed for additional information, troubleshooting and resolution. So we will have to try our way forward.