App Crashes


Recently I have had several app crashes and, while reading topics from others experiencing the same issue, I see that the developers want specifics about the crash. So I am creating this topic in hopes that this may help the investigation in some way.

My device is an iPad 8th generation. Also, I restart the app and clear the cache before every flight.

Crash 1:
Route: RKSI - EDDF
Aircraft: B748
Crash: App crashed around 6 hours into the flight somewhere over Asia

Crash 2:
Route: RKSI - KLAX
Aircraft: B748
Crash: App crashed on final into L.A.

Crash 3:
Route: KLAX - RPLL
Aircraft: B77W
Crash: App crashed on final into Manila

Anyone else who has experienced crashes, feel free to comment and maybe it will be easier if we have a list of crashes in one thread.

Hope this helps!



This is being looked into but troubleshooting is always the first port of call. I’m sure your detail is appreciated by the team.

  • Try lowering graphics settings, turning your aircraft count down, toggling off anti-aliasing, et cetera.

  • Also, restart your device before any longer flights. This gets rid of a lot of RAM strain, which is a regular cause of these types of crashes. Your device has 3GB of RAM as standard—this needs to be as available as possible to Infinite Flight.

See how things are after this.



Thank you for the advice but I was intending for this thread to be a spot to post my experiences in hopes it would help the investigation in some way. I have already read and tried many recommendations and they seem to be hit or miss for me.

Also, others could post their app crashes here so we have a thread with specific details that will hopefully help the developers find the problem.

Hi the devas are aware of this issue and is being investigated so just go with the flow until then

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