App crashes

When I’m on a long haul, my iPad always seems to crash on me, no matter what, even with graphics on low for the whole flight. It’s getting really annoying as it’s been happening for months on end. My iPad should run IF no problems but always crashes.

iPad 9th Generation 2021 256GB
iOS 15.5

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Sorry to hear about that.

It sounds like you’ve already tried the basic troubleshoots but do try lowering graphics settings (you’ve already mentioned), turning your aircraft count down, toggling off anti-aliasing, et cetera.

Also, restart your device before any longer flights. Gets rid of a lot of RAM strain, which is a regular cause of these types of crashes. Your device has 3GB of RAM as standard—this needs to be as available as possible to Infinite Flight.

See if these troubleshoots work first before continuing.


Don’t feel alone haha mine crashes about twice a day for the last 6 months and I average about 10-12 hrs a day of flight time.

I really hope that the devs fix this issue. We clearly aren’t the only ones who is having issues with IF crashing.

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It will get fixed due time but I think the main problem is we complain about it crashing but don’t report it etc etc… me included. They can’t fix things solely of complaints, they need more to go by….Locations,Video,Time, Airplane traffic, device, etc etc


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