App Crashes

On long hauls, specifically Istanbul - Havana, Newark - Mumbai and even a medium haul on Antalya - Bristol, I have been subject to many app crashes. It’s a bit annoying considering I had always put my graphics to low for a large period of the flight, only switching it back for landings, however it still crashes. If there’s any solution, let me know, it’d be highly appreciated, thanks.

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May you tell me what device you are using?

iPad 9th Generation, 256GB

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Try to clear the cache quite often (not in flight, be careful). It is also preferable that your ipad does not heat up too much so be sure to keep it cool during your flights. Then set the brightness to the lowest and it should help a lot!

Can you check if there’s background Apps running in the background? That could be problem.

Ahh alright yeah that’s things that I don’t do often enough, I never clear my cache a lot, only if an airport isn’t loading in

Applying the advice of @VibrantPixel and me I think it should be fine, note that the app can crash for everyone from time to time

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Also when ur doing long haul I usually just leave my iPhone on charge and put the brightness to low. I’m on an iPhone 11 so it should work for you.👍

Hello There,

I have had the same issue as well, unfortunately. I am currently conducting my flights on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I have tried every avenue that is known to me. However, it seems to be consistent with every destination airport I have flown to since the new update. The Team is aware of this and are currently looking into it. :)

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