App Crashes

One of your issues causing this is the ipad mini 2 cant be updated to IPad OS13 and is stuck on 12 and as updates come out they are supported by companies software updates so for 19.4 IPad OS 12 would be fine for most of it but 20.1 was released a few weeks ago meaning IPad OS13 is the supported apple software, that could be one issue, also the device was made from 2013-2017 so it has older hardware, and with the new update some things are using more RAM then they should, which could also be causing your device to kill the app as it’s exceeding the RAM it has available. With older devices it can be many different things, but in this case i believe with some features in app using more RAM then they should can be causing your issues with the app crashing. You can try lowering all settings to low prior to a flight, and you should get a third settings option, that may reduce the amount of app crashing issues, on top of that set your airplane count to none, but once all those are said and done, it’s not enjoyable to look at, so if these issues are on going, maybe save up for a newer device… And if that’s not an option, then i have nothing else to say, but i hope if anything i said wasn’t helpful that a mod or staff member can comment and hopefully recommend something else, but it’ll end up you running everything on low no anti aliasing, and low or none for airplane count…

I do recommend checking this out if you’re interested in looking into an affordable newer device:)

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