App crashes

I was doing a 13 hour flight with the new BA 777 not using busy airports. When I was in final, the app crashed. I thought this was fixed in the update. I’m using an iPad 6th generation.

It could be the servers are over loaded. Not sure at it said “fixed long haul crash for “some” users” (not sure what they mean by “some”)

It’s just that the flight was going fine the 13 hours until I was on final

This is a continuing issue from v19.4. It will be fixed as there are still bugs that need to be worked out, especially with the heavy load

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So it isn’t fixed yet?

It’s partially fixed. A lot of it has to due with the heavy server load. Once that is adjusted and things get going again, it shouldn’t occur

Yes I believe this is something else to do with the server load. This explains that the issue referred to above has in fact been fixed: