App Crashes

My flights keep crashing, on short haul and long haul flights. It’s like the bug wasn’t even removed for me. I have done everything the infinite flight staff suggested to reduce the chances of crashing before the 777 update, but none of it works. The app also keeps crashing whenever I click on the grade requirements in the menu where you select your display name. I fly on a 5th generation iPad. I also tried it yesterday on my iPhone 8(which I bought brand new less then a year ago) and it was having the same issues. I haven’t been able to fly for two months because the app crashes, which has significantly affected my landings in the past 90 days causing me to go down to a level 2 after the grade requirements were changed. Is there anything else I can do to keep this from happening. I’d really like to enjoy this update and work to gain access to the expert server again.

All of these crashes are known to the Infinite Flight Staff and Developer Team. That main cause of them is due to the fact that the servers are being overloaded with everyone wanting to try to the update out. Know that the Infinite Flight Team is working quite hard right now to resolve these issues ASAP! As a work around for now, try to restart your device and fly in a uncluttered traffic area until things are fully resolved! Enjoy the update! ☺️


I’ve already tried those workarounds😭But I’ll try it again and see what happens. Thank you.

Please read before posting, servers at extremely busy, busier than most FNFs

Just tried to do a 4 hour flight from SKBO to MMMX. I was on the A320 and around the 3 hour mark the app crashed. Everything was going super smooth until that point. Note that this was on the newest 20.1 update. Please fix this!

Try flying somewhere with not as much traffic which is the main reason. All three servers are over 70% load right now which is the reason. In a few days things won’t be as busy and things should get better. Enjoy in the mean time!

I had just lifted off in the new Delta 777 from ATL on the training server and my app crashed

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That’s what I’ve been doing and it still doesn’t work. I’ll try it again though. Thanks🙏🏾

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If not just chill in solo.