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Getting frustrated now as I have followed all the directions for preventing the app from crashing including restoring my iPad to factory settings but to no avail! I have had the app crash on the last 4 or five flights after approximately 4 hours flight time, I did see that there was s framework issue previously but had this been resolved now? Over the last few months I have not been able to complete any long haul flights due to the app crashing and not getting any XP or landings registered, the app crashes mid flight and on final!


Please note that the advice is no guaranteed fix of the issue but more of a workaround. Laura has found another workaround which includes pointing the camera at the sky if you haven’t tried that already. We advise you to sit tight until the next update as the devs know the frustration.

are you making sure you have Low Power mode on (in your settings) and have your settings are on low?

Yes on low power mode in settings, followed everything that was advised on a previous thread

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I am going to sit tight as I am aware if the issue but it’s getting kindda frustrating now

do you know what device you have?

@Jamie_Lord for the time being, here are statements from the staff in regards to the issue:

I have an iPhone 6plus and an iPad Air

I have followed the above already but to no avail, I appreciate that it is not the fault of IF if the coding is done by a third party! Do we know when the next update will be release to resolve this issue?

Unfortunately not. Phillipe has said they are actively working on a fix, but I couldn’t say whether it will be out with the next update or not, I simply do not know.

I am sure the staff will announce it when it is. It’s annoying I know, it sucks. Some Samsung devices are also having an issue with crashes that hasn’t yet been fixed, it’s just something we have to wait patiently for

No worries, it’s a tough time at the moment for everyone and I am sure that this will be resolved soon enough!

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